Wirework Sheep and Lambs
Wirework Sheep and Lambs

Wirework Large Pig
Wirework Large Pig

Wirework Large Pig
Wirework Large Pig

Wirework Sheep and Lambs
Wirework Sheep and Lambs


Latest news

Some of my recent commissions.




The Loving Couple

One of the commission sculptures I worked on last year, off to Cornwall. The request was for real body images.

View some more sculptures on the commissions page.

Would you like a fairy at the bottom of your garden?

She looks a bit chilly today!


New Ideas for 2021

Wirework Winnie the Pooh, floating away
Wirework Large Snowdrops
Wirework Fairy
Wirework Dandelion seeds
Wirework Leaping Salmon
Wirework Winged Robin & Tit
Wirework Cockerel

I have taken the decision not to hold workshops until later in 2021, due to the restrictions of Covid 19, but will update information as it is confirmed.

However, I am still working hard, having been asked to make a wide variety of commissions over the last year, some of which are pictured on my Commissions page. Please allow time if you are thinking about a specific date or event, it can take between 1 and 10 weeks to make a piece depending on its size and complexity. 

If you are thinking of a piece either for yourself or as a special present, do browse through my portfolio pictures, but please be aware that each piece is hand made. 

I am also offering vouchers from £20 going up in increments of £10, as an easy way of making a gift. Just get in touch with me by phone or email.

Thank you to all my customers for your continued support. Wishing 

you all a safe, healthy and happy 2021.