Robins, tits        £30

Chick               £25

Blackbird           £35

Sitting Dove        £35

Winged Dove.        £40

Winged Robin.       £35

Winged Blue Tit.    £35

(both made from jewellery wire)

Woodpecker          £40

Diving Kingfisher   £40

Kingfisher          £40

Wading Bird         £45

Owl                 £75

Winged Owl          £120

Gosling             £70  

               Pair £130

Duck                £80

Chicken             £90  

               Pair £160  

Pheasant            £100

Cockerel            £100

Flamingo       med  £140

Standing Heron sm   £100

               med  £150

Standing Goose      £180 

               Pair £350

Swan                £350

All wire garden sculptures are made from galvanised chicken wire and are therefore suitable for inside or out and do not rust. They last for many years.

They can be sprayed with a metal spray paint if other colours are desired. An extra charge is applied for colour finishes for any piece.

Due to their construction, they are not suitable as toys. However, each sculpture is made with particular care to have no sharp edges.

If a particular item is not in stock, there is an order time of between 1 and 10 weeks, depending on the size of the sculpture, which will then be made to your specific requirements. 

I do not have an online shop at present, but if you are interested in purchasing a piece, please contact me by phone or email to discuss your requirements.

Payment can be made either by Paypal or bank transfer with a non refundable 30% deposit on agreement of commission piece. 


From Mike

Just wanted to say that I’m so pleased with the gaggle of geese and the sheep and lamb.They are beautifully made and so lifelike.At night they have a ghostly appearance which is stunning.
Really looking forward to getting the Stag nag deer from you early next year.