Carol Sterritt


I started my first piece of wirework as a family present over 20 years ago after seeing Rupert Till's Geese at Burton Agnes Hall in Bridlington.

It was a hobby that I taught myself through trial and error and I continued on the occasions that family, then friends, asked if I would make them a goose.

Several years ago, I decided I'd like to see if I could make my 'hobby' my job and therefore needed to make pieces other than geese!

Wirework sculpture has been around since the ancient Egyptians, however in the 20th Century it has become popular with modern practitioners developing the medium into an art form.

My inspiration today lies mainly with British animals and birds but I have completed a commission to make scaled down versions of the Big 5 African Animals. However,I am increasingly being asked to make pieces for specific purposes - whether it be a gorilla, an embracing couple or ghostly figures for events.

I work from a small room at home and therefore pieces I make are limited to size in what will fit in, and also come out of my home!



Working mainly with chicken wire, I add the wire piece by piece, rather than scrunching it into shape. This makes a more dense and sturdy construction. Each addition is incorporated with particular care to result in no sharp edges.

My sculptures will vary in construction time dependent on size, 2-3 hours for a hedgehog, up to 4-6 weeks for a full size deer.

I get very engrossed when working on a piece and work mainly from eye.  I don't have any artistic training but pride myself on having good 3D imagery! The challenge is always to make something nice out of an ugly medium.

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At The Bath House 

RHS Harlow Carr


If you wish to commission a specific piece, please contact me, either by phone or email. I have recently completed special pieces for the National Trust, Saga, a local school, garden designers and event organisations. Have a look on my commissions page.

Big five
have a go

If you want to have a go at turning an ugly medium into something attractive, come along to one of my workshops.


I will demonstrate how to work the wire to give definition and shape to your creation.


Once made, whatever creature it is will last a lifetime and give long lasting pleasure.

Workshops postponed for the moment.